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Affiliation will be the access to freedom

Thanks to the door of commitment, affiliation is another way to learn and grow. The high commissions that InfoProducts allow, create a path of many possibilities for everyone.

Would you like to be the ambassador for one of our trainings?

Affiliation, is the next frontier towards the freedom that InfoProdcuts offer.

Not all of us want or can be creators, but we can surely sell from honesty and transparency, in order to obtain profit because of it.

The Digital Knowledge Publishing affiliate program allows promotion for any our products, whilst achieving high performance due to simple, but well-crafted team work.

High return per Lead


Credibility and product quality have, and will continue to provide great revenue x traffic investment. This means that working with a new audience, from Facebook or Instagram can in fact be a great bet, to provide value and obtain sales.



Constant monitoring on your Leads and sales conversions. Efficient links and access, for products on evergreen as well as for extraordinary launches. Clear and unequivocal contracts.

For commited partners only

Under a selectivity process, because we look for the same amount of commitment, reliability and responsibility that we offer.

Mentoring for Affiliates

Everything you need to launch your marketing strategy and obtain successful sales: from training for pre and post launch, to templates and access to swipefiles with emails, advertisement, images and anything you might need for achieve a successful promotion.

All of our affiliates are exceptional

We have never had such a successful launch before, I think this is an excellent product for anyone who has personal growth lists

Juan MartiteguiEducatemia

It's been amazing, over 17.000 Euros, which took me by surprise, given that I have done other affiliate promotions, but never to this level.

Nacho MuñozOlsanaMind

My experience as an affiliate was amazing, it's the definition of WIN, WIN. Memoria Agil won thanks to the quality of work that they did, my community won a lot because of all the information they received and the possibility to develop these skills for themselves and their children.

Luis Carlos FloresNiños de Ahora

This has been one of the best affiliations we've taken part in, firstly, it's a great product, so it gave us an insight on how well it would work with our audience, which turned out to be great. And secondly because the monitoring and follow-ups from the team members has been amazing.

Isa&JuanmiMás y Mejor

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